Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Transitioning into Transformation

“Author says change emphasizes what is happening TO us while transition emphasizes opportunity for growth within.”
― William Bridges

When I started this blog in March, I was on the cusp of my very own personal revolution.  I was a broken person who was just starting to not only put myself back together (although, unlike Humpty Dumpty, I don't think I'd ever really been whole to start with) but also realizing that true metamorphosis happens only from the inside.

I was coming from a place of complete loss of direction:  I had no idea what to do about truly unhealthy relationships with my boyfriend (OK, give me a break.  I KNOW it sounds SO Breakfast Club but, listen, I grew up with John Hughes' movies), my career and, ultimately, myself.

Turns out it was me I had to fix first.  WHO KNEW?

Yesterday,  I started a new life.  I could say that I began a new job...but, boy, it FELT like a WHOLE NEW LIFE.  Because I had been a defeated and broken person, I had been toiling away in a job and in an environment that didn't work for me.  I had come into that place feeling like a fairly intelligent, reasonably knowledge professional.  My spark died a little bit every single day for over nine years and I came out feeling somehow "less than."  Don't get me wrong, that was NOT my employer's fault.  I just didn't know that the place wasn't a good fit for me until I had already been defeated (I have a tendency to do that kind of thing).

At the beginning of this year, I wrote down some professional goals.  Well, I wrote down one goal:  I wanted to work for a creative place where I could write more and travel more. I didn't think that was too much to ask. 

Because I've spent the last year (OK, fine, maybe it took longer than that) working on becoming an actual adult, I was able to emerge yesterday into the light.

I felt professional.

I felt reasonably intelligent.

I felt competent.

I felt energized.

I felt creative.

Oh my.  I'm working with an amazing marketing agency as an account manager.  They are on a cusp of marketing that I didn't know existed until I interviewed with these guys.  They are doing some extremely cool things that are taxing my brain to its limit...I don't even think I fully grasp yet how cool it is.  I am thrilled to be working with them and even more thrilled that they see me as a valuable asset to the company.  WHAT?  WHO KNEW? 

And, guess what else?  I get to write more.  And travel more.  Part of my job includes blogging about marketing.  WHAT?  And writing e-books when they're relevant.  WHAT?

I'm thrilled.  And I am professional, reasonably intelligent, competent, energized and creative.  I walked a little taller at the end of the day.  And I looked up at the sky and said, "Thank you."

Transformation does not happen overnight but, after you've slogged through the mess, it certainly can make life seem a lot less messy and a lot more beautiful.  And even though I am STILL up at some horribly unreasonable hour, I am awake not because I'm stressed or worried but because I'm EXCITED.  I'm actually going to do a little work now. 

The only real problem I have left is this:  what do I blog about from My Rockin' Chair NOW since I'm all mentally and emotionally healthy?  Crap.  Guess I'll have to start telling corny jokes.  (I know...you can't WAIT FOR THAT, RIGHT?)

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