Sunday, December 29, 2013

Working Through Life

“In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.”
― Leo Tolstoy

Remember when I said I don't blog about work?  OMG.  I lied.  I have to stop for a moment and blog about work.  Apparently, I didn't blog about work before because it just brought me DOWN so much.  But now that I work for company where we have bean bag chairs and write-on-walls in the conference room (which is called the IDEA ROOM), all I want to do is talk about work.  And write about work.

This morning as I sat down to do some work for a big client meeting we have tomorrow morning, I was smiling.  I have truly a LOT of work to get done today but I don't even seem to mind.  Yeah, my Christmas tree is still up (it's never up more than two days after Christmas...I like to see Christmas clutter come and I do love to see it go).  Yeah, my house is a bit of a wreck.  I need to do laundry.  And I need to shower for church.  And, yet, what I do is sit down to do a bit more work.

This thought bowled me over this morning as I sat down to work:  I am a happy person.

I have been an unhappy person...a miserable wretch who ended up making other people miserable in my wake.  I have focused on and fed my misery by turning things over and over in my mind.  The pain of life has festered in me.  But this moment (and, trust me, THIS moment is ALL WE truly have)...I am joyful.

Meaningful work is a huge part of that.

Letting things go is, perhaps, an even bigger part.

I am contemplating life a lot less these days.  I analyze less.  I understand that the lives of others (even those really close to me) do not revolve around me.  I drink more hot tea.  I listen to more music.  I sing more and cry less.  I live in THIS moment so much more.   And those things have made all the difference.

Work on, sister friend.  Work on.  

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