Thursday, June 20, 2013

Best Day Ever

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.  

I have been awake for approximately 40 minutes.  And I am having the BEST DAY.  EVER.  Granted, many of my days start out as the BEST DAY EVER because I am, by nature, a morning person.  It is only when other people starting crowding into my day that I deflate and turn sour.

But so far, today is IT.

  1. I believe that ABBA's Dancing Queen MAY be the best wake-up song ever.  I was awake before my alarm this morning but was brushing my teeth when the alarm went off.  I heard it and said (out no one), "OOH! DANCING QUEEN."   I immediately danced my polka-dotted-pajama-clad self into the room, arms swaying high over my head while Mr. McDougal looked at me with his tiny McDougal head cocked to the side.  You can can jive...having the time of your life...ooh, ooh, see that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the dancing queen.  Seriously, are there ANY better lyrics to wake up to?  For a while, I had The Weepies' World Spins Madly On set as my wake-up song.  It's a WHOLE different ballgame to wake up to Woke up, wished that I was dead.  With an aching in my head, I lay motionless in bed.  I thought of you and where you'd gone....and the world spins madly on.  That tune really just gave the start of my day a whole different meaning.
  2. I LOVE (love, love, love) waking up with Sparky and Mr. McDougal. I am a huge fan of waking up with 80+ pounds of furry love trying to get as close to me as possible.  As that 80 pounds vies for position, the smaller mound of fur turns his back on the lick-fest/giggle-fest and begins his morning routine of stretching.  Then when I say "Do you want to go outside?" there is an immediate bout of extreme tail wagging and excitement as they bound down the stairs for their first outdoor adventure of the day.  Who WOULDN'T love to be greeted by two creatures who seem to always, always be glad to see me..even if we've just spent the night all tangled up together?
  3. Charlie cat is a different story.  He is my morning dose of reality as he bitches at me to GET HIS FOOD OUT NOW.  Of course, he's 17 so that makes about 190 or so in people years (I don't know how old he would really be in human years but he is the crotchetiest cat EVER at this advanced age).  He yells and follows me around the kitchen as if he's meowing, "Faster, faster! What's holding you up?  What is WRONG with you, woman?  GET MY FOOD!"  I still pause to pick him up (AFTER he's been fed and the coffee is brewing) and give him some kitty love to start his day off right.  He looks at me (a bit disdainfully, but I'm OK with that) and will put a paw on my face, maybe in apology or maybe just to turn my head away so he doesn't have to look at me while he gets his morning kitty-massage.
  4. The mornings are quiet without the boys here.  That's good because I like to hear the birds chirping outside and the sound of the coffee pot sputtering.  It also provides a wonderful contrast for when they ARE here.  It helps me to appreciate the sounds of their doors opening and closing, drawers being slammed shut and shouts of "Have you seen my shoes?" from upstairs.  Morning is my very, very favorite time of day....especially the early morning hours before the rest of the sleepy world begins to stir.  The furry legged creatures usually settle down around my feet as I write and drink coffee.  It's cozy in my house in the morning.  Most of the time, I wouldn't rather be anywhere else.  
  5. Press n' Seal is the BEST INVENTION EVER.  If you're still clinging (pun intended) to Cling Wrap or Saran, STOP.  Go now and get yourself some Press 'n Seal.  Or Press And Seal.  I don't know. I'm not looking at the box right now.  It truly is one of the best inventions known to the modern world, bar none other than maybe the Cadbury Egg.  (I don't know why I threw this thought in but I think I decided to simply write in a stream of consciousness....welcome to my brain.)
  6. One of my friends on Facebook does a Corny Joke Month in June. Every day, I wake up to a new corny joke.  Especially now since she's out of the country....sometimes when she's IN the country, I have to WAIT for an hour or two after I've been awake for the corny joke but THIS week it's been waiting for me (making today, again, the BEST DAY EVER).  They've been REALLY HARD this month and I've only gotten one before everyone else.  This morning, I DID answer first but it's totally wrong.  Sometimes I want to cheat and Google the joke to find the answer.  But I don't cheat.  It's kind of weird that I DON'T because...honestly...who would KNOW?  I feel that cheating would defy the spirit of her Corny Joke Month, though.  The fact, however, that she DOES Corny Joke Month makes me ridiculously happy.  I mean, STUPID happy.  (Did I mention BEST DAY EVER?)
  7. I use a LOT of capital letters when I write.  I write exactly the way I think and speak so I really am emphasizing those words in my head.  It's important to me that the cadence of my speech and the DRAMA of my speech comes across as I write.  I don't really operate in a monotone world.  All you're missing right now is my hands waving around to and fro while I try to communicate a point.  Sometimes looking back over my writing, I'm a little annoyed with myself at the massive quantities of capital letters.  It would be SO much more elegant to bold everything.  But that would require SO MUCH additional time and energy.  Laziness wins!
So, world, give me everything you've got today.  I can take it.  It's the BEST DAY EVER.  Now, off to get ready for my dentist appointment....

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  1. And did the dentist spoil your BEST DAY EVER and demote it to 'Your best early morning ever' so that you have now got to create another BEST DAY EVER that will last for a full 24 hours.
    I can just imagine the vision of you dancing around the kitchen in Polka Dot pyjamas!! Surprising what you do when the house is empty, BTW did I tell you that I have video footage of that dance taken with the camera in your kitchen!!! (hehehe)