Friday, August 16, 2013

Celebrating Me. And You.

“I will not be "famous," "great." I will go on adventuring, changing, opening my mind and my eyes, refusing to be stamped and stereotyped. The thing is to free one's self: to let it find its dimensions, not be impeded.”
                                                                                               ― Virginia Woolf

Every now and again, I have to remind myself that I'm awesome.  I start feeling "blah" or "you know" and I can't seem to pull myself out of whatever funk I'm in.  But here's the thing:  There's only one of me (can I get an "amen?") in this world.  I carry ALL the weight of "being Kelly."  For all of the eternity, there will only be one of me.  And I only get this ONE CHANCE...this ONE make it count. 

I KNOW I am not the only one out there who fills up the glasses for my one-person pity party.  I put on my own personal self-flagellation frock and begin:  "I'm not thin enough/smart enough/funny enough/calm enough/even-tempered enough.." and it goes on and on until I can't stand the sound of my own thoughts.  You've been there, right? 

So, tonight, I'm celebrating my own awesomeness.  And you can read or you can ignore it.  But I'm gettin' it out there.  And you are free to disagree.  Or, better yet, you can tell me what's awesome about YOU (because, quite honestly, I am ALL ABOUT celebrating other people).

  1. I am not afraid of bugs. Well, mostly.  I don't get all screamy and squeamish when a bug is in the house. I just quietly and expediently usher it outside (because I am also not a murderer, which is kind of a BONUS praise here).
  2. I can laugh about most things.  Except if you're not funny.  (Believe me, it's not that I didn't get your "joke."  It's just that your "joke" wasn't funny.)  But funny things?  I TOTALLY laugh about them.  Sometimes I even inappropriately laugh at things that really shouldn't be funny.
  3. I like dogs.  I don't know why this is a self-esteem booster, but it sure feels like one tonight.  Dogs like me, too.  That's actually a bigger self-esteem booster.  You HAVE to be cool if dogs like you.
  4. I never shoot people.  This is MOSTLY because I don't own a gun.  If I DID own a gun there would probably be quite a few people in danger.  Mostly people who cut in line, who drive too slow in the passing lane and people who call other people "stupid."  (I can call people "stupid" but ONLY internally which is perfectly acceptable.) 
  5. I embrace change.  That's a really good thing because some pretty big changes are on the way.  I read a book last week THREE TIMES that spurred a veritable revolution in my head.  The changes rolled right in.  And I am excited.
  6. I accept my own glorious messiness.  I KNOW I'm a train wreck. I don't hide it.  It's all over me...and my car...and my clothes...and perhaps YOUR clothes. Internally AND externally I am profoundly, beautifully flawed.
  7. I only double-dip when I'm alone.  When I'm out in public, I use my very best manners.  This includes using my internal voice most of the time.  If you've heard some of the things I actually SAY (out loud) then you would be horrified at the things I'm THINKING.  Therefore, I leave double-dipping and stream-of-consciousness talking to my solitary evenings.
  8. I view my life as a movie.  I often drive around narrating my own day in my head (or, sometimes I do it out loud...depends on the day).  "She drove slowly through the crowded street, wishing that she could see inside the heads of the people gathered to see the parade..."  I have no idea why I do this but it's a totally fun thing to do.  You should try it if you don't do it already.
  9. I sing and dance in my house.  All the time.  The singing isn't always melodic and the dancing is almost never graceful but the FEELING that I get from it carries me through every single day.
  10. I believe in feelings.  I am an intensely emotional person.  I blame it on my Irish lineage.  Or the wine.  (Can you have one without the other?)  I cry almost every day.  And I laugh even more than I cry.  It's a roller coaster...but I sure do love the ride.

Go on.  You can tell me.  Why are YOU awesome?

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