Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Creating Our Own Truths

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.”
― Mark Twain

Today, I became a REAL writer.  And I have the business card to prove it:

But (surprise!) THAT is not what made me a REAL writer today.

I have been waking up EARLY in the morning to write and often writing late at night.  I have about 40 billion blog posts started, half-finished and completely finished.  I'm trying not to innundate the world with 40 billion blog posts about virtually nothing so I'm keeping them "for good" like the beautiful china your grandmother kept in the cabinet to be brought out at weddings and funerals.

So, the other day, I decided to do a little "for real" writing.  As in, I looked up a local parenting magazine and I reviewed their submission guidelines.  As in, I figured the guidelines were reasonable so I knocked out an article.


OK, I realize I am probably going to get my first rejection letter.  I wrote the article in much the same way I do the blog...knocked it out in less than 20 minutes with basically no editing or second-guessing.  But, I figure it's like jumping into a swimming pool instead of EASING in:  just do a cannonball in the deep end and be done with the icy cold shock in a few seconds.

So, I did it.  And I think I'm going to keep doing it.  Until the rejection letters can paper my bedroom walls, I'm going to keep doing it.

See that card up there?  It says WRITER.

Boo. Yah.

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