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Stars Hollow or Bust: I Want to Be Lorelai Gilmore

Luke: Back when I was on the track team, we went to State three times in four years, and won it...twice. Think they made buttons and put up banners? They couldn't care less.
Lorelai: Luke, that's because track is for dorks.
         Rory: Yeah, it's true. I'm sorry.
         Luke: Okay, the conversing part of this morning is now over.
                                                --snippet of conversation from The Gilmore Girls

Lorelai Gilmore ( photo)
OK, if you've never seen The Gilmore Girls then this post is not going to make any sense to you.  But you should know that I'm an addict.  (One of my many flaws is the vast quantity of addictions I have.  Fortunately, I've never tried meth.)  I am here to convert you into a "fan."  Or you can stop reading now.  But KNOW that if you stop reading you may never understand the beautiful mysterious wonderfulness of the Gilmore Girls.

The synopsis of the series goes something like this:

Wacky single mom Lorelai Gilmore was born to a wealthy family but ended up eschewing it all in favor of becoming a teenage mom (BIG time accident) and then a hotel maid and finally owning her own inn (OK, that's kind of a spoiler alert because she doesn't get her own inn until season 4).  Her daughter, Rory, is brilliant and beautiful and destined for the Ivy League.  The series begins when Lorelai has to go ask her wealthy parents for money (for the first time ever because she's AWESOME) in order to pay for a fabulous private school for Rory.  Her mother exacts a price for the tuition fee:  weekly Friday night dinners with Lorelai and Rory.  Madcap adventures ensue for the NEXT SEVEN SEASONS (because, duh, Rory has to get through high school AND college in the course of the series).

Are you still with me?

Lorelai and Rory live in this quirky, quaint, insane town called Stars Hollows, CT.  Stars Hollow is
Rory Gilmore (courtesy WB)
LOADED with amazing characters like Luke Danes (OMG, I LOVE him...I would seriously marry Luke Danes today if he were actually a real person), Kirk (who does everything from termite inspection to managing the local movie house, literally a MOVIE HOUSE), Miss Patty, and on and on and on.

I have watched the complete series approximately four times over the course of the last 13 years.  I started watching when it first aired on TV and have watched reruns ever since.  I have recently purchased the first four seasons on DVD with more seasons arriving next week.


Luke (courtesy WB)
But, here's the rub:  I LOVE these people.  I want them to be real.  I'm sure there's some sort of wacky fan club of the series who actually recreate Stars Hollow events and who are obviously demented.  But I would love to just wake up one day and BE Lorelai Gilmore.  (Cue Twilight Zone music here, please.)  And, you know Melissa McCarthy of Bridesmaids fame?  SHE plays Lorelai's best friend, Sookie.  I learned to love Melissa McCarthy watching the Gilmore Girls.

Why do I want to be Lorelai?  Because she's smart and pre-loaded with snappy dialogue filled with amazing pop culture references that spill off her tongue in rapid-fire succession.  Because she's addicted to coffee. Because she's charming and struggles with "getting the guy." Because she's totally hot and incredibly comfortable with who she is and she never, ever settles.  Because she's connected to all these quirky characters in this bizarre little town.  Because Luke LOVES her. 

Go watch it.  And get back to me.  If you want to take part in my marathon, you'll have to bring your jammies and popcorn.  I view late at night.  Come on over.

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